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Posted by vinay On December - 4 - 2012
I met sir when I was 10 years old in Sahyadri Boarding school.

I remember I was the only girl who showed up for football camp by UPSA. What I did not know is that my learning from my coach had begun even before I kicked the football!

Sir encouraged me to stay back and made me feel like I was one of the boys- he never forced us to do anything- I would say he has the skill to inculcate interest rather than force it upon a child.
The camp created a passion in me for football which I even continued after I moved to Canada.
One day on the field I asked sir because I was very hurt about an incident with a boy who hurt my feelings.
I learnt from Sir looking back that one needs to be strong- independent- and secure. Also to be a person of your own.
I learnt taking pride in my nationality- by singing the national anthem with sir and the whole team
I learnt giving equal importance to everyone- no matter what their socio-economic background may be.
I learnt the to never give up when things get harder.
One of the most important thing I realize today is that Coach Vinay applies what he teaches on the field to his life- and life is truly a game. It has to be well planned, one must take passion in living it, and we should give it our 100%
The above statements are rather heavy, so I must say that I am still trying to internalize it- and apply it in my life even today. There are still many lessons to be learnt sir :)
Ishaa Chopra




My name is Meesha Soares. My goal in life is to use the gifts and talents that God has given me to make a difference in the world . Although I am young, I will not let my age prevent me from changing the world by bringing hope to people , be it one person at a time.

I have completed my standard 12 in Fergusson College. While I was studying in Fergusson College , I joined the girls football team  and it was a privilege to be coached by Coach Vinay Murgod for two years.  I thoroughly enjoyed  being trained by him.  He prepared us well for our tournaments . We made it to the finals in the first year and  was very close to a win in the next year. Although I have been playing football for many years now, he taught me several techniques that I did not know of before being trained by him. He trained us with the proper equipment and gave us new techniques to practice with.

He whole-heartedly coached us and treated us with respect as equals to the boys on the boys football team , we were treated with equal priority. He not only trained those who have been playing for years but trained also those who had never played in their life before. And some how he was able to bring all of us together as a team and  not just any team but a fierce team of girls who played fair but fought right till the last whistle.

He was a very encouraging coach , who criticised our playing fairly and yet encouraged our growth in different skills. He is very passionate about football and has a huge heart not only for the game but also for the people who play it. He sees potential in a player and helps mould a person who has potential and put that potential into reality. I have seen Him take in children who are underprivileged and train them into amazing football players. He is an outstanding coach and I have grown so much as a player being trained by him . I would highly recommend Coach Vinay as a football coach.


Meesha Soares


“Vinay Sir is a driving force for UPSA. He has a great combination of unique skills: creativity, teamwork, strategic thinking are amongst his major strong points. Sir is an exceptional professional with a fine eye for detail. His work at UPSA reflects his true character, poise and passion he has for the destitute & underprivileged children who are bound to become RESPONSIBLE CITIZEN of the society & He is excellent when it comes to people especially children’s. His depth of knowledge and versatility speaks for his growth – both spiritually as well as professionally. Great personality & my association with him is a high learning experience which I will cherish for my entire life.” August 2, 2010

Jaideep PawarStudent, Symbiosis Institute of Business Management
worked directly with Vinay at Holistic Soccer Clinic’s




“Vinay is a great soul the dedication with which he works for his current organization is a learning for all of us.He works towards contributing towards society rather than for personal growth. I wish everyone of us at-least have 10% commitment for vinay work towards the society”August 17, 2010

Mohit ShettyExecutive HR, Regent (Taj Lands End)
worked directly with Vinay at Holistic Soccer Clinic’s